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Shaftless Split-Hood Enclosure Lift System

AccuPro’s split-hood enclosure lift system consists of motor-driven screw jacks at each lifting location.  This multi-motor system is controlled by a variable frequency drive which allows complete synchronization of the opening and closing of the dryer enclosure. Each screw jack is monitored by the PLC for precise position control. This innovative system creates repeatable accuracy when opening and closing the dryer while at the same time reducing noise during operation.  In addition, it reduces maintenance requirements by eliminating the need for interconnecting driveshafts, chain couplings and extensive unsightly guards.

Modern Control System Technology

AccuPro’s standard control system utilizes Allen Bradley’s industry proven GuardLogix Safety PLCs and Safety Point I/O for all system critical functions. The dryer purge and burner interlock circuitry are wired to safety I/O and programmed within the safety routine of the PLC processor.

Burner ignition and flame monitoring is handled by industry proven Honeywell Burner Controllers.

The use of these control system devices ensures that we maintain the highest levels of NFPA 86 standards.