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About AccuPro Technologies, Inc.

Business Description: AccuPro Technologies, Inc. was established in Green Bay, WI in early 2017 as a designer and manufacturer of custom drying and curing systems. AccuPro was formed with a group of veteran engineers with an average of 25+ years in the drying and converting industry.

AccuPro has completed successful installations worldwide in a variety of converting industries including: optical film, dry film, reverse osmosis membrane, solar panel, battery, window film, foil, paper, non-woven, carbonless paper and filter media.

Products: Custom drying and curing equipment includes: flotation, roll-support impingement, belt-support impingement, IR (Infra-Red) + air, thru-air and inert systems.  These systems are widely used in the converting web, paper processing and printing industries.

Capabilities: The engineering and manufacturing teams at AccuPro can provide professional services and custom drying systems for a wide range of customer specifications including: narrow to wide web widths, varying line speeds, numerous coating variations and clean room requirements.