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designer and integrator of custom drying and curing systems


AccuPro Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Green Bay, WI, is a designer and integrator of custom drying and curing systems. AccuPro's equipment includes: flotation, roll-support, belt-support, thru-air and inert environment dryers and ovens. AccuPro has numerous successful installations in a variety of converting industries with customers around the globe. These include production lines for optical film, window film, aluminum foil, reverse osmosis membrane, filter media, paper, carbonless paper and non-woven materials. These systems are used throughout the converting, paper processing and printing industries. The engineering team at AccuPro can provide professional services and custom drying systems for a wide range of customer specifications including: narrow to wide web widths, varying line speeds, numerous coating variations and clean room applications.

Our Services

We take extreme pride in our attention to detail during the manufacturing process. Our standards are to accept nothing but the highest quality fabricated parts. Any part that does not meet those strict standards is rejected and re-manufactured.

Mechanical Engineering

Our applications and mechanical engineers analyze our customer's process specifications and use that information to optimize system design.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers design control systems that are both highly automated and operator friendly, utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software.


A world class manufacturing facility in China, operated by our business partners, support even the largest industrial projects and deliver first class quality and on-time delivery. When required, U.S. built equipment is offered thru a network of trusted and experienced manufacturing partners.


Our services include new equipment installation support and startups, onsite evaluations or engineering studies, line rebuilds, preventive maintenance and emergency service.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be in touch soon.



High Quality

AccuPro's high standards show in every aspect of our business; from customer service and sales to the manufacturing, installation and startup of the equipment. You can count on AccuPro to be highly responsive to your inquiries for quote, communications during the project and anything you might need after the installation and startup is complete.

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Flexible & Responsive

Our experience in the industry is the backbone of our company. This shows in our ability to design equipment for vastly different applications, industries, materials and coatings. Complex projects can tend to go through occasional changes, setbacks or delays. We understand this and will be our customer's partners through this process with up-front communications on the impact these occasional issues can present. We are flexible enough to switch gears and adjust based on the changing environment. Our position is that it’s best to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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Results mean different things to different people but in this case, it’s the result expectation of you our valued customer. You can expect: • A high level of communications • A sense of urgency on your requests for information • A commitment to delivery and installation expectations • Quality equipment that operates as expected • A professional experience designed to earn your business now and in the future

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I am always amazed at the level of service provided. The responsiveness is the best I have seen in the industry, very knowledgeable answers are always obtained in a very short time, best in class." - Francisco D., Director of Engineering & Maintenance

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